Constructing a dental prosthesis is an art that requires patience, meticulousness and experience. A denturist is a master in their field, creating your dentures from start to finish. Creating your personalized dentures will take four to seven visits, depending on the techniques used by your denturist. The process involves the following steps:

Preliminary and Final Impressions – To make sure the job is done right, the denturist starts out by taking a preliminary impression of your gums and then a final impression to increase the accuracy of the fit and shape of your new denture.

The “Bite” – This is commonly called the measuring appointment. The denturist uses wax denture bases to find the relationship between the upper and lower gums. There are several “bite” techniques available to denture wearers. Some provide more precision then others. It is best to ask your denturist which ones they utilize in their practice and recommend for you.

Wax Try-In -The try-in appointment consists of a band of wax on which the denturist arranges and rearranges artificial teeth until the most aesthetic look is achieved. This is your chance to discuss your opinions of the way the denturist has set your new teeth before it is finished in hard denture acrylic. At this appointment it is very important that you are completely honest with your denturist.

The Final Product – The final step is for you to return to have your new dentures inserted and to have any chair-side adjustments made. As soon as you start wearing your new dentures you may notice that they feel different from you old dentures. This feeling is normal. This sensation should soon subside after a few days of wearing them. Remember that it is common to return to your denturist because of a “sore spot.” These sore spots are normal and can be relieved by a few small adjustments. It is important that you do not try to adjust your denture by yourself. Only a custom-made prosthesis constructed in accordance with accepted procedures will guarantee your appearance, your comfort and your health. Always remember that a beautiful smile is one that has been created especially for you by a recognized, qualified denture specialist.