Continuing Education Opportunities

Dear members,

Provided for you is an array of choices to complete your CE requirements. Please choose topics that are of most interest to you and might best help you in your practice. You are required to complete 10 hours. In each classroom, you will scroll down the page and see two buttons, “View Video” and “Take Exam”. Upon completion of each video, you will be required to complete the exam. The exams will provide you with proof of CE credits. You are required to retain these records in the event that you are audited. We recommend that you complete your CE as soon as possible.

If you are practicing in a state other than Oregon, it is your responsibility to verify that these CE credits meet the requirements of your state regulations and association guidelines. Please contact your state association for guidance.

  1. The Pathway to Transition Toward Digital Dentures – Part 1
  2. The Pathway to Transition Toward Digital Dentures – Part 2
  3. Overdenture Attachments: Clarity of Choice
  4. 3D Printing with Innovative New Materials
  5. Digital Dentures and Partials – 4 Different Digital Clinical Workflows
  6. Predictable and Profitable Dentures in 3 Easy Steps
  7. Denture Relines: The Hard and Soft of it all!
  8. Better Packing and Heat Curing Techniques
  9. Soft Denture Relining: the Stuff You Never Learned in School
  10. The Mandibular Free End Saddle Partial Denture
  11. Dentures Are Easy
  12. The Art of the Impression
  13. The Turbyfill Denture Technique
  14. Digital Dentures – Is This Process Right for Me? 
  15. Simplifying Overdentures from Placement to Pick Up
  16. Mainstreaming Dental Implant Impressions and Conditioning Edentulous Tissue
  17. Clinical Success with Chairside Denture Reline Materials
  18. Chairside Placement of Implant Overdenture Attachments