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For more information about becoming a denturist and the laws and rules involved, visit the Oregon Health Licensing Agency website.

OHLA Website:

General Requirements for Licensure

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Associate Degree of a minimum of two (2) years University with a Science background would be an asset.

The Oregon Health Licensing Offices’ Board of Denture Technology, in conjunction with the Office of Degree Authorization and the Department of Education, has determined academic subject requirements in credit hour quantities for licensure as a denturist:

Course Credit Hours
General Anatomy and Physiology 8
Orofacial Anatomy 2
Dental Histology and Embryology 2
Microbiology and Infection Control 4
Pharmacology 3
Emergency Care 1
Oral Pathology 3
Peridontology 2
Dental Materials 5
Ethics and Jurisprudence 1
Nutrition 4
Geriatrics 2
Denture Laboratory Technology – Theory and Practice 37
*Clinical Denture Technology – Practice 16
English Composition 3
Electives 10
TOTAL 103 Credit Hours

*This can be satisfied by obtaining 1,000 hours of practice in a school-operated or school-supervised clinic, or in a preceptorship approved by the Board of Denture Technology. At least 400 hours must be in direct patient contact.

The following is a list of colleges and universities provided to assist prospective denture technology students in finding existing courses available. While there is no formal program available for the Denture Technology curriculum at these institutions, with the exception of Bates Technical College, qualified students may be allowed to enroll in courses offered by these dental programs under certain conditions.

  • American Denturist College
    145 E 12th Alley
    Eugene, OR 97401
  • Bates Technical College
    Denturist Program
    1101 South Yakiima Avenue
    Tacoma, Washington 98405-4895